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Scalemakers Section of Amicus MSF

The Scalemakers Sector of Amicus MSF was originally the National Union 0f Scalemakers (NUS). It was merged with MSF in 1993, and became part of the Craft Sector of the union.

We represent members employed in the manufacture and service in the field of all types and makes of weighing and counting equipment.

We have a National Advisory Committee (NAC) which mirrors the original National Executive Committee of the NUS, and manages the affairs of the sector. There are fifteen branches in the sector, which meet to discuss industrial matters, grievances, agreements and aspirations for the improvement of members working lives. Branches have the right to send motions to the NAC for consideration and action on their behalf, with the employers and within the structure of Amicus MSF. Members of the NAC are elected at the Scalemakers Special NAC held each year in October.

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  • President: Robert Hall - 30.Earlesdon Cres, Little Hulton, Worsley M38 9NF - Phone 0161 799 3746
  • Vice President: Raymond Batty - Mr.R.Batty, 94. Church St, Gawber, Barnsley. S75 2RJ - Phone 01226 206355
  • Nation Financial Branch Secretary: Chris Kirk - 47.Danes Crest, Brompton, Northallerton. N.Yorks DL6 2RR - Phone and fax 01609 773284

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